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Prayer Written On The Occasion Of
The Death Of Billy Graham
November 7, 1918 - February 21, 2018

Oh Lord of the Generations:
we thank You, for raising up in every age,
leaders who declare Your claims, uphold Your holiness standards,
and promote Your Kingdom.
We are most grateful for the mighty man of valor--Billy Graham.
Fulfilling Your promises, as a young man, Billy saw visions,
and as an old man, he dreamed dreams.
Anointed by Your Spirit, Billy rightly divided the Word of Truth,
in season and out of season,
performing the work of an evangelist, with boldness and sincerity.
And in his calling to the ministry, You enabled him to maintain an
exemplary model of moral living.
Conferred opportunities never given to any of Your heralds,
Billy became a soul winner to the world,
preaching behind the Iron Curtain,
proclaiming the Gospel to integrated stadiums in apartheid South Africa;
traveling to every continent with the news of salvation.
Bestowed the Congressional Gold Medal,
knighted by the Queen,
a recipient of The Templeton Prize,
honored with a star in The Hollywood Walk of Fame,
and for decades voted among the most highly respected men on the planet,
Billy's most sought after ambition was for You, Lord, to pronounce on him:
"Well done, though good and faithful servant!"
Your invisible secret agents transported our brother from
The Land of The Dying unto The Land of The Living,
use his death and funeral to prompt the country to return to the
God of our fathers.
As the Chaplain to The Nation, and the spiritual adviser to the Presidents,
may Billy continue to minister to this people,
with his legacy of fidelity, inspiring us to be found faithful.
As we hear the approaching hoof beats of the Horsemen of The Apocalypse on the horizon,
may we heed his continual warning, and wake up: This is The Hour of Decision.
Stir us, to hear the invitation:
Just as I am, without one plea
But that Thy blood was shed for me
And that Thou bidst me come to Thee,
O Lamb of God, I come!
(Written By REVFHGilbert)
February 24, 2018

Lord Jesus Christ,
The Greatest of The Prophets:
You fortold that as it was in the days of Noah,
so it will be in the days before Your Second Coming.
Bestow a vigilance to Your People,
to discern the signs of the times,
and to heed the warning of our divine inspection.
Enable us, not to be found hiding our talents,
nor yet asleep with our lamps unlit,
nor sentenced to Your left side
for failure to minister unto the least of Your brethren,
nor to partake of the apostasy of the Church,
or indulging in ungodly behaviors.
Waiting and longing and ready when You shall come
in all Your glory,
we render to You all praise, obedience and service,
O King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Amen.
(Written By REVFHGilbert)
July 20, 2014
Working through both natural
and supernatural means, restore them to health,
according to Your purposes.
And propel them, at this season of the year,
Savior of The World, to join us,
as we journey to the Upper Room,
to Gethsemane, down the Via Dolorosa,
to Calvary, and to the Empty Tomb,
for personal and corporate renewal. Amen.
(Written By REVFHGilbert)
March 30, 2014
O Lord Jesus Christ,
The Amen and The Faithful and True Witness,
The Firstobrn of Creation:
We are the Church of Laodicea;
We are neither hot nor cold.
We are lukewarm,  even indifferent at times.
We have thought we were rich, not knowing that we are
Spiritually "wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked."
Unstop our ears to receive your consel.
Sell us Your Gospel Gold refined by fire.
Clothe our shame with Your imputed robe of righteousness.
Anoint our eyes with Your salve.
Spew us not of Your mouth.
Knowing that You love us, and that You chasten those whom You love;
Stir us to repentance
And as a conqueror grant us to sit with You at Your throne.
(Written By REVFHGilbert)
November, 17, 2013


Christ our Great High Priest and only Mediator:

You yearn that this church become a house of prayer

for all people;

we silently name before You,

those affiliated with this flock and its families and


known and unknown to us,

experiencing sickness, set-backs, sadness, and sorrow;

serving in the military,

away at school,

lonely in nursing homes,

and behind prison walls.

Whisper in their hearts that You are with them as Emmanuel,

and that as Chief Advocate,

You are for them,

as an abundant testimony can be made of answers to our

petitions with renewed health,

restored relationships,

and recovery from self-destructive behaviors,

continue to teach us to pray openly,

trustfully, confidently, and unselfishly,

remembering the needs of others as well as our own.  Amen.

(Written By REVFHGilbert)

25th Anniversary

September 11, 1988 – 2013


O Holy King of Bethlehem’s Manger,

O Holy Saviour of Calvary’s Cross,

O Holy Son of God of the Empty Tomb:

As we celebrate the past and rejoice in the present,

we also look forward to the future.

Enable us to journey by discovering the meaning of our lives

within the broader, unfolding story of Your Incarnation,

Teaching, Passion, Resurrection, and Return.

Grant us, to embrace the Book of Books as from Your own


a treasure-chest to open and reopen, discovering Gospel Gold,

Enriching us, through Your Sprit, with insight, conviction,

guidance, revelation, and righteousness.

As we mark this occasion, we seek Your tender mercies and


for this congregation to be used by You,

as a powerhouse of preaching,

a cathedral of learning,

a concerthall of praise,

an altar of sacrifice,

a closet for prayer,

a hospital for sinners,

and a Launchpad for mission.

Stir us to recommit ourselves in loyalty and love, of faith and


and to keep Your commands and to endure with patience,

knowing that You will uphold us in the hour of trial

that is about to come upon the earth.  Amen.

(Written By REVFHGilbert)

25th Anniversary

September 11, 1988 – 2013


O Jesus Christ, You keep old promises

and challenge us with new possibilities:

You send the power and supply the provision,

when we trust in Your providence.

We thank You, for the creation, protection, and preservation

of Independent Methodist Church.

You have gathered us together, to fashion a people of faith,

a people of hope, and a people of love.

We thank You for our founders and builders,

who gave and continue to give,

their leadership, labor, treasure, talent and time.

We are standing on holy ground: You have made this place

to be the site for baptism, holy communion,

confirmations, weddings, and funerals.

We are mindful of the many potlucks and picnics,

and bazaars and benefits.

We cherish with fond remembrance the men and women

 servants of the servants of God,

in our midst,

who now rest from their labors.

Show us opportunities in the present darkness how to give hope to the community.

As a path for pilgrims, help us to lead fellow travelers to

Goodness, Truth and Beauty.  Amen.

(Written By REVFHGilbert)

25th Anniversary

September 11, 1988 – 2013

O Jesus Christ, Holy and True:
As You provided opportunities to the church in Philadelphia,
You have supplied ample privileges to this congregation.
You open the way to the future and no one closes;
You close the way of the past and no one opens.
Key of David, we confess unto You,
that we have not always made our door wide enough
to receive all who need love and fellowship;
nor have we made the door narrow enough
to shut out secular, materialistic values,
unbelief and ungodliness,
and strife and pride.
Due to our lack of faith, we have failed to step-out and proclaim the Gospel.
Forgive us for not having always kept Your Word
and denying Your name.
Enable us with power to keep Your commands
and to endure with patience,
knowing that You will uphold us in the hour of trial
that is about to com upon the earth.
Give us a sensitivity, to hear what Your Spirit
is saying to the churches.  Amen.
(Written by REVFHGilbert, based on The Letter to the Church in Philadelphia Revelation 3:4-13)
September 8, 2013
Awesome God, Maker Of All Things,
and King Of The Universe:
Enable us to possess such a glorious vision of You,
that our joyful adoration
is accompanied by a trembling with holy fear.
Teach us, that You are not only a Saviour,
but also a Judge;
not merely a God of Love,
but also a God of Holiness.
Confirm within us, that we are to fear sin,
not just due to the loss of heaven
and the suffering of hell,
but because it grieves Your heart.
You alone are deserving of all of our love.
Remind us, that we are not slaves dreading
the wrath of a master,
but adopted children, whose desire is to seek
to do the will of the Father.
Help us, to continually please You,
and to await and welcome the pronouncement:
"Come! Receive the kingdom prepared for you
from the foundation of the world." Amen
(Written by REVFHGilbert)
August 11, 2013
O King of The Universe,
The Lord of The Nations,
God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
and the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ:
upholding Your Covenant,
and fulfilling Your prophetic Word,
You have raised-up The State of Iserael in our day,
gathering the scattered Chosen People
from the four corners of the earth.
Making the desert to blossom as a rose,
and the parched land to yield a harvest,
continue to make Your face to shine upon Zion.
Lift the veil from our eyes, to enable us to see,
that the re-birth of Israel,
is a "sign of the times",
revealing Your hand in history. Amen.
(Written by REVFHGilbert)
July 21, 2013
Sprirt of The Living God,
You have called us to be The Body of Christ,
Your Church is like a valley of disconnected dry bones!
We have ignored Your prophets!
We refuse to hear The Word of The Lord!
We rebel against Your Commandments!
And many of us do not truly know You as Saviour and Lord!
Rebuild us!
Bring us together!
Raise-up a vast army of faithfull followers!
Breathe Your quickening power within us,
in order to fulfill Your purposes,
and to bring a restoration of scriptural holiness,
across the land, in this dark hour. Amen.
(Written by REVFHGilbert)
July 21, 2013
Eternal God, our Heavenly Father,
Who loves us with an everlasting love,
and supplies hope when all hope appears to be gone:
We bow before You with reverent and submissive hearts;
speak to us afresh Your gracious promises,
that through patience and the comfort of The Scriptures
we may have our faith renewed.
As You restored life to sun-bleached bones,
You are able to lift us above our present darkness
and distress,
into the light and peace of Your presence;
through Jesus Christ our Prophet. Amen.
(Written by REVFHGilbert)
July 21, 2013
Lord Jesus, our Master,
Who at Your first coming sent out messengers
into every village and town
before Your entry,
to announce the good news of Your visit,
and to call for a repentance of sin:
Go forth with us into New Castle,
Ellwood City, New Wilmington, and our communities,
as in Galilee;
enable us to be the good news
before we proclaim it,
giving evidence of Your pardon, presence,
and power in our lives.
May many hear Your voice and answer the call,
and make themselves ready
for Your Second Advent, Amen.
(Written by REVFHGilbert)
June 8, 2013