Prayer Shawl Ministry

     Our prayer shawl ministry is an outreach program that is sponsored by the Missions and Benevolence Committee.  Workers meet the first Tuesday of every month at 9:00 AM to make a shawl for someone on our prayer list.  The list is comprised of congregants, falily members or friends.  We have recently started making shawls for the Carriage Manor Personal Home.  While the shawls are being constructed, the recipient is prayed for, not only for their physical healing but more importantly for their spiritual well-being.

     The ministry began in 2007, under committee chair, Virginia Caravaggio.  Leader of the project, at that time, was Roseanne Pastello.  The first shawls were given as gifts to 8 people while we were doing our yearly Christmas caroling.  Since that time we have prayed over, constructed and delivered 302 shawls.

     The prayer shawls are constructed of Christian print fleece fabric. Over the years, we have used various patterns of fabric with angels, crosses, Bibles, doves and Christian phrases. The shawls are constructed of one piece of printed fabric and a second piece of coordinating solid fabric, which are knotted together.  Along with the shawl, the recipient is given a beautiful prayer that was written by Rev. Gilbert and is professionally printed on white stationary edged in silver.  We hand deliver most of the shawls, but some have been mailed out of town, as far away as Hawaii.  The beautiful thank you notes we received from recipient indicate what a blessing the ministry is to them.  They report having to launder them because of the continual use. Some have been displayed at memorial services and some have been displayed in the casket and buried with the recipient.

     There have been numerous people involved with helping with this mission since its inception. The current workers are Denise Davis, Carol Downing, Spencer Gallagher, Janice Himes, Bonnie Rhodes and Cindy Symons.  Because there is so much continual need for prayer, compassion and the love of God, we are always in need of more helpers. If you are interested in participating in this time of fellowship, prayer and ministry, please contact Janet Himes at 724-674-8141.

Some prayer shawl ministry workers from left to right: Bonny Rhodes, Spencer Gallagher, Cindy Simons, Denise Davis and Janice Himes

The prayer card that accompanies each prayer shawl.