Ascension Day 2019

The Grand Finale of The Service was a procession with congregants dressed in national costumes bearing their country’s flag.

The pageant was accompanied to a recording of “In Christ Alone.”

The procession was prefaced by a reading of The Great Commission (Matthew 28) where the Risen Lord mandated that we go into all the world and carry the good news of The Gospel.

Featured are Bill Erdner (Germany), Carol McFall (Poland), Tom Weingartner (Uncle Sam, USA), Louann Weingartner (Holland), Jan Himes (Monaco), Rona Hilliard (Mexico), Epiphany Gray (Nigeria), Michelle Burns (Ghana), Chuck Alborn (Israel), Cyl Liposki (Liberia), Jayme Jeffcoat (Saudi Arabia), Adam Jeffcoat (Taiwan), Alyssa Jeffcoat (Austria) and Beth Axe (Japan)

The Community Is Served Notice Of An InvitationTo Attend The Service

Left to right: Sandy Rectenwald, Jerry Rectenwald and Rick Hudson

Dr. Allan Mosher, YSU Professor of Voice, doing a dramatization of 2nd Peter.

Louann Weingartner (Holland) and Tom Weingartner (Uncle Sam, USA)

Cyl Liposki (Liberia)

Left to Right: Epiphany Gray (Nigeria), Michelle Burns (Ghana), Cyl Liposki (Liberia), Beth Axe (Japan), Rona Hilliard (Mexico) and Jan Himes (Monaco). 
Left to right: Jayme Jeffcoat (Saudi Arabia), Adam Jeffcoat (Taiwan), and Alyssa Jeffcoat (Austria).
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